Infographic Workshops

2-4 days workshops for editorial, design and desk teams.
Our experience will guide you to convert complex information in to catchy graphics while retaining editorial focus.
Bring out the 3 temas on the same level to execute a successful final content.

Newspaper and Magazine Design

Designs to establish a long term habitual connect with the reader for life.
Bring in design processes that will save time and minimize human intervention.
Our team will refine workflow for futuristic design process flow.

Style Guides

Design guides to maintain design consistency
Consistency in style of multi city publications
Save crucial productive time with easy and smooth workflow
Cartography for travel magazines where maps are concerned

Website Designs

Dedicated team for designing and maintaining Websites and Newsportals
Development of content based apps on ipad and android and mobile
Development of digital versions of magazines and Newspapers on Ipad and mobiles.

We are currently available for work. Please, contact us for a quote at contact [at] websitename [dot] com