Anjalika deal in exports of machineries and consumables for the print industry globally and media consultancy for media houses. New ventures into export of general products have been undertaken with an eye on the mission to be the leading global supplier. We have partnered with leading manufacturers and suppliers in the industry to provide the best product for client’s satisfaction.
We are creative, passionate practitioners who are dedicated to identifying consumer needs that will bring success to revenue generation.
Clients turn to us when where quality and reasonable prices are required, when engaged partnerships are needed to take the business to the next level. We have very high work standards and we work in a framework tied tightly to giving quality products under the best price. We solve business and consumer issues employing traditional market philosophy of providing the BEST QUALITY PRODUCT IN THE CHEAPEST PRICES.
We have developed expertise that reflects the business success of our clients. We get involved in a variety of project related work from understanding clients requirement, to suggesting him what is best for his business, to offer more than one sourcing options, to getting involved in the delivery process and finally deliver excellence.
Anjalika deals in the sale of printing commodities like Newsprint, Printing Inks, Thermal Plates and related printing raw material required to run a printing setup smoothly. Anjalika undertakes sales of CTP, Web Offset Printing Machines, Mailroom systems and consultancy regarding the setup of a completely new venture.

We are currently available for work. Please, contact us for a quote at contact [at] websitename [dot] com